Tuesday, December 17, 2013

From LeeH: 'I am the Law!' - Judge Dredd (7 points)

This is Lee's first Challenge and he opens it with a bang with this wonderful figure of The Judge.

From Lee:
I bought this model a few weeks ago when I visited the Foundry factory/shop during Blog-Con. As a kid I was always more into British Comics like 2000AD rather than the DC or Marvel variety and so I am much more familiar with characters like Dredd or Rouge Trooper than I am with Spiderman or the Avengers. So when I saw this model I just had to buy it for inclusion in the Challenge. 

The figure is quite large, standing 32mm from foot to eye and 36mm overall. This larger scale combined with the fact that it is made from white metal gives this model a nice hefty feel when you pick it up. Frankly casting Dredd cast in plastic or resin would just be wrong.

I went for strong highlights and bright colours rather than the subdued hues that are seen in some illustrations. While I loved the new Dredd film that came out last year, you just can't beat the original look of the uniform from the comic, complete with gold plated body armour. 
Great work Lee (love that last photo)! I agree, Dredd should be in metal - the heavier the better. I also really like the bold colours that you've gone with for him - brilliant stuff. 

As Dredd is basically a 40mm figure I'm giving Lee 7 points for his efforts. Thanks for debuting him with us Lee and welcome to the Challenge!


  1. Great stuff. Painting him like this should be The Law.

  2. Great work Lee, real bold painting we look forward to seeing plenty more from you...maybe a few Cowboys :)
    Peace James

  3. No time in the iso-cubes for that paint job. A very cool figure and great colours.
    Drokk! I think I have an old Dredd figure somewhere in the underworld of the lead pile.
    Perhaps I will paint him up for the hero bonus round.

  4. Looks great Lee, I like the baseball bat for when only a little correction is needed


  5. Good one Lee, Nice to see one of the Rejects finally get on the board. Although I suspect Ray and Fran have been very busy and will drop a bomb of points in the next few days.

    I would have saved Dredd for the Villains round (Anti Hero!) and done Rogue for the Heroes Round... hang On I think I have a Rogue trooper somewhere.

  6. Wow! This really pops. The highlights and shading are perfect for the style you were painting in. And the sculpt is a good size for this character big and chunky!

  7. Great stuff, a great homage to comic book Dredd!

  8. That is so cool i love it , the colurs are perfect

  9. Fantastic figure, sir. Wonderful painting work!!!

  10. Great work. And I continue to believe the Judges don't have to wait for the distant future - this guy would do really well here in Winnipeg right now...

  11. Very nice looking Dredd! I like the bright colours.

  12. Hi,
    well done ! great paint work!
    I fought the law and the law won! ;-)

    Be seeing you;-)


  13. Nice ... I agree, more a 2000AD guy here too... likewise on the uniform, though I may have gone with a darker blue....

  14. Now that's a great looking figure Mr H, well done ol' chap!


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