Tuesday, December 17, 2013

From IanW: 15mm Romans (52 points)

Ian sends us the first unit of his new15mm project: a Roman 'Dominate' army.

From Ian:
A great thing about the Challenge is the ability to get new projects off the ground and onto the table. I was given a Essex 15mm starter army by a ASL mate who was never going to paint it, that was about 18 months ago so I guess it's about time I started it and what better than the Legion's finest?
I bought the command figures at the Worlds this year as I wanted them not to just be the same old. But I don't actually have any command figures to boss round the army so need to pick up some of these before I can play with them.

This is just one basic battle group of six bases and I have prepped four of these but will have to wait till I get the correct Osprey (yes I bought the Principate one by mistake!) Also prepped is some of the Auxiliary and Bow troops which I plan to get done during the challenge as well.

Quite straight forward to paint really, and as you can see from the shields these are sponsored by Nike. Rebock of course have those in Britain covered. I have just started to use Tajima1 grass tufts and I have to say I will be buying some more of these when I get my next lot of funds

Great work Ian! The 'Nike/Reebok' comment made me laugh and I really like the red 'draco' - very cool.

This unit of Rome's finest will give Ian a base of 48 points but I'm adding another 6 for the nice clean work he did on the shields, so 52 points total. Well done!


  1. Great work on some great looking figures, I love the base work too
    Peace James

  2. That was fast, great job nice basing,

  3. They look great even if you did them faster than I ever could.

  4. Nice work Ian, this is an army I've always wanted to do!

  5. Nice to see Dominate Romans as opposed to the normal Marion Romans, They look great.

  6. Great job Ian and what a massive point haul!!

  7. Wonderful way to break your duck. Well done!

  8. Off to a great start. I'm hearing great things about the Tajima1 range.

  9. Great start - the shield work is very nice and more than worth the bonus points!

  10. Quite a big bunch for the 3rd day of the challenge. Very nice basing.

  11. Thanks guys and gel, well that's it till day seven when I will next get to paint



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