Friday, March 8, 2013

From TimG: 1:72 Lancaster Heavy Bomber (18 points)

Another dodgy model back from near-death as part pf my Winter Aircraft Project, this Airfix Lancaster is the largest aircraft model I've dealt with since the 1970s!  

Some minor repairs were followed by a quick paint job - it's good enough for occaisional game use.
1970s? You're dating yourself Tim (and me for that matter).Yet another great piece of recovery work- well done! How many aircraft from this project does this make now? You've certainly had a great run with them.

This Lanc will give Tim 18 points, enough for him to break the 1K mark. Great job!


  1. Well that's bigger than anything I have ever tackled!!! I also think it's the best of the bunch so far


  2. There are at least another three aircraft still to come. Better increase my target to 1200!

  3. Nice Lanc Tim. It's been rest to see you restore these old warbirds.


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