Friday, March 8, 2013

From GregB: 28mm Colonial Sudan British (160 points)

I was out to Winnipeg for work last week and had the great pleasure to get in a visit with Greg and his lovely wife. We got in a couple fun games but also spent a few nice evenings just sitting at the table painting figures and shooting the breeze. You'll see some new greyscale stuff from me over the next few days (the German Uhlans posted earlier being one), but below is some of the lovely models that spooled off of Greg's side of the dinner table during those few nights.

From Greg:
First component is 28mm British from Perry Miniatures outstanding Sudan collection.  Up to now my British have been concentrated on Graham's force around Suakin that fought at El Teb and Tamai, but I think the real dramatic high point in the campaign has to be the (futile) drive to save General Gordon in Khartoum. The Desert Column - built around the Camel Corps, of volunteers from almost every top unit in the British Army - was the star of the show, and they are my favourite British troops from the period - ammo bandoliers, bonkers swords bayonets, improvised scarfs etc to block off the pounding sun and goggles - I love the look of them. 

The bulk is 24 figures intended to represent the Light Regiment from the Camel Corps. There are a mix of skirmishing troops and firing line troops.

You end up with extras sometimes, so the next batch (six models only) is a start on representing another component from the Camel Corps - the Life Guards.  The Life Guards wore some red cloth twisted around the pugaree on their helmets to set themselves apart a bit. 

Finally a couple of loose extras - one is the guard from the Heliograph set.  Not sure why I didn't paint him when I finished the rest of the team years ago, but here he is. 

And then to switch periods completely there is an Austrian Hussar Sutleress - my attempt for the "Sarah's Choice" category of the competition. The model is from Foundry, part of a vignette set they had done called "Hussars mounting up".  The Sutleress would be among the camp followers accompanying the Austrian empire army to battle.  The figure will be a good vignette piece for the table top. 

Beautiful work Greg! I just love the figures you've done for this period and it's an absolute hoot to play with as well.

These thirty-two figures will give Greg 160 points, enough to pop him back into the Top Ten. Well done my friend!


  1. Great Job I like a lot the british in grey...I am losing place in the challenge need to paint ....:):).

  2. These are great looking, almost makes me want to look at the period!!


  3. Ah, smashing! Those Life Guards are particularly dashing. Great to see so much Sudan this year.

  4. Lovely work Greg. The sutleress is a work of art, a definite contender for the Sarah's choice award.


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