Sunday, March 3, 2013

From JamesB: 28mm Seven Years War & French and Indian Wars (495 points)

From James:

Long time since my last entry, in between looking after my wife pre-op and a weeks holiday post op I did manage to pick up a brush for an hour or two. I offer you my next entry 3 units of SYW French Cav, these are all painted as Heavy Cav as I hoped the off white uniform with red cuffs is a great look. Of the 3 units 2 are Front Rank, again great sculpts. The third unit are Crusader miniatures my first painted from them, I have 3 units of Infantry to paint next from them. 

The next lot you should all recognize as this is the forth unit of Foundry Hussars I have painted during the challenge, these are painted the same as the last lot of Hussars in blue and red.

Back to the F&IW for the next lot I have 8 more civies and 12 Canadian Militia - French Irregular troops from Galloping Major. I took a few figures with me to Norfolk to paint and the last lot of figures are the result 7 Forest Indians from Conquest.

I am well on target for my par score and I want to see how far passed the 3000. Hopefully that will give me my par target for next year. Next on my painting table is 2 units of Grenadiers and a unit of Musketeers plus 12 French light troops.

Fabulous work James! Wow, three unit of cavalry PLUS a passel of foot figures!? Simply amazing.

This impressive collection will give James 495 points. Again, astonishing work.


  1. ecky thump man, do you have a bucket of ice next to the painting desk to cool the bristles?

    These look excellent again


  2. Amazing work for an hour or two James! ;)

    Stunning work as always :)

  3. Those are all lovely, but the skin tone on the indians is just great!

    Just a cheeky wee couple of hours work? If only it was that easy!

  4. Oh James these are wonderful, what a great entry Sir.

  5. Very nice figures (and a lot of them!). I like a lot the Indians.

  6. Beautiful work and I'll echo Juan, the Indians are my favorites. The shading in their muscles looks great.

  7. cheers all, it was a nice change to take time painting the Indians and nice to see you like the results
    Peace James

  8. Well done James and I see it adds hefty weight to your already impressive point total.


  9. Superb work - I especially like the Indians and near to 500 points in a single submission -wow!

  10. Crikey James, and thats only a couple of hours work. Do you employ pixies to paint when your asleep, out etc ;)

  11. Bloody Hell James.
    Please tell me what motors you use on your brushes.
    Superb stuff buddy.
    All that cavalry.
    Great points haul...

  12. Great stuff, some collection of figures