Sunday, March 3, 2013

From Burkhard: 28mm Napoleonic Prussian Infantry (180 points)

From Burkhard:

Here is my next entry for the painting challenge. The Prussian Westpreussisches Grenadierbattalion for my Möckern (Völkerschlacht of Leipzig) project. All minis are Calpe in 28mm (with the exception of the French casualty on the skirmisher base, which is a Perry plastic). 

I have to admit, that while this is not the largest Napoleonic unit I ever painted, this is the largest I painted in one go (as opposed to small batches) and this was a huge mistake. When painting every single colour takes at least an hour, you start to loose interest somewhere along the route. Anyway... they are now finished and I am happy with the results. But as a result the next things on my table are smaller batches. Already finished four Austrian Jäger (they are awaiting their varnish and basing) and next on my table are Prussian and French officers.
I have been painting units from von Yorck´s advance guard at Leipzig for some time now, but this is the first regular unit with a flag for me. All the others have either been Landwehr and Reserves with non-regulation flags, or Schützen and Fuisiliere without any. It is strange what a change something like a different type of flag can be, but it really was for me when done. Together with the posh (at least for Prussian standards) grenadier uniforms, it was a real joy to see them done. I hope they will do me proud on the table.
Cripes, that is a lovely unit of Naps Burkhard. I do feel your pain about slowly chewing through a huge unit of figures. For me I find large cavalry units to be my bane as they seem to take forever to get them done. Often small bites work the best. Nonetheless, you can now enjoy the fruits of your labour. These Prussian lads can now bravely go meet their fate on the game table.

This battalion with its screen of skirmishers will give Burkhard 180 points. Well done!


  1. Very nice! I especially like the faces on them

  2. great work, its funny how we all work in different ways. I become my most productive when painting huge batches.
    Peace James

  3. These just look so so very good, hats off to you. I have 12 bases of these guys n first stage of painting but then they are only 6mm!


  4. Impressive work Burkhard! :)

    I know what you mean about painting large units in one go. Fortunately for me, when I've been doing that they've been non-uniform so most of the time I'm switching colours every few figures which means I don't get so bored.

  5. Lovely stuff Burkhard.
    I know what you mean though.
    Unlike James, I am at my least productive when painting large units.
    I tend to work them in groups of 6 to 8 figures.
    It works better for me and stops me going colourblind, lol.
    I agree with Tamsin, non uniformed units are far more fun in large batches.

  6. A great work. I like to paint only a base (4-6 figures) a time because I have too many distractions around the table...

  7. Great job Burkhard. Looks amazing!

  8. Thank you all a lot! I am really, really humbled!

    And it feels good to know that I am not the only one who gets bored painting such huge batches, even if the feeling is not universal!

  9. Excellent bit of Napoleonic eye candy, lovely


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