Friday, March 15, 2013

From AndrewS: 28mm British Colonial Infantry, 15mm Tigers & Greyscale Viking (177 points)

From Andrew:
First up are 26 British colonials for our adaptation of Muskets and Tomahawks. These are all Empress miniatures 28mm figures. These additions will give me 3 units of 8 line figures and two officers to add to my current troops and complete one of my years personal targets.

Next up is the first 6 Tigers for my eldest son Callum, These are Plastic soldier 15mm versions. They have been given a simple 3 colour camo scheme all done by hand. I am yet to get an airbrush. As usual they have some with crew, stowage etc. All have had some foliage to help with ambushes.

Finally is my attempt at greyscale "fetch me the men in white coats" I had been inspired by Curt's project and thought it would be an easy task, how bloody wrong I was there. This just has to be the most difficult figure I have attempted even though I picked one of my favoured 28mm Foundry Vikings to carry out this project.

Andrew spoils us with a wonderful variety of beautiful miniatures. Those British colonial troops are incredibly vibrant and I'm quite curious about the use of M&T for the Zuluwars - I'll be folowing up on this. The Tigers are suitably impressive, made especially so with the addition of the foliage camo - very nice touch. Finally, I really like your greyscale Viking. I'm flattered that my madness helped in your inspiration to paint him as you did. Many think the greyscale effect is a breeze to pull off but it does require a bit of left-brain thinking to do it justice and this you certainly have done.

This fine assortment of lovely models will give Andrew a tidy 177 points, enough for him to breach his point target - congratulations and well done!


  1. Beautiful work Andrew, and congrats on breaching your target! :)

    All this greyscale being submitted - I might just have to give it a go myself at some point when there is less pressure on me to finish armies for gaming.

  2. Great stuff, all look great I like the Zulu stuff best (my era)

  3. Great stuff as usual buddy.
    I'll look forward to running over these redcoats, "Usuthu".

  4. all of them are great but the grayscale is excellent, I would not know where to start!


  5. Great work Andrew, and congrats on reaching/beating your target.


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