Friday, March 15, 2013

Form MikeP: 28mm Great War Characters & Safari Pulp Adventurers (28 points)

From Mike:
The three WW1 figures are 28s from the Great War Miniatures British personality set.  I bought it a few years back for the splendid padre in the set (he now graces my desk at work) but loved the other figures so much I almost got into the Great War in 28s.  

Curt, your blog doesn't help my resolve in staying out of this period.  The motorcycle dispatch rider and the football kicking Tommy are prizes just awarded for a contest on my blog.  
The officer with the shotgun will stay with me as part of my Weird War Two collection.  He will play a ghost, the father of one of the characters in my campaign, a Scottish commando officer, whose ghostly dad sometimes helps his son on the battlefield.

The dispatch rider was fun to paint.   I wasn't sure if the armbands were supposed to be Signal Corps white over blue - I've read that most dispatch riders were siggies, so I hope I got that right.  A quick look out my office window to the G6 det building shows the white and blue flag flying, so I guess I got the colours right.  A little poetic license and Canadian content in the road signs.

The two adventurers, Pith Hat Guy and Safari Girl, are also 28s, from fellow Canadian and two-fisted sculptor Bob Murch.  They were great fun to paint.  A like how Bob sculpts women who like real, vice the ridonkulous outfits and Barbie bodies one often sees.   These two figures are also prizes in my blog contest that's just finished.

Excellent work Mike! I love Bob Murch's sculpts as well - such great characters and very... pulpy. Your Great War models are brilliant. I especially like your dispatch rider and the signs are a great touch. (If the officer with the shotgun is a ghost then you need to do him up in greyscale!)

These five and the Douglas motorcycle will give Mike 28 points. 


  1. Luvverly character figures Padre! :)

  2. These look spiffing :-) the female looks female rather than FEMALE which is a refreshing change



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