Monday, February 11, 2013

From SamuliS: 28mm Napoleonic 1st Royal Scots (165 points)

From Samuli:
Well I'm back from my alpine holiday more or less intact eventhough I had some minor disagreements with an avalanche over my chosen snowboarding lines. Work and Uni have kept me quite busy in the last couple of weeks so I only managed to finish these guys now. 
A battalion of british infantry for Waterloo in the form of the 1st Royal Scots. This bunch is a mix of Victrix and Perry figures and I don't think there is a single guy who is made completely from parts of one manufacturer. I'm pretty happy about the interchangability of these plastics as it makes it pretty easy to add variety to your units. 
Painted with Vallejo paints and finished with Army Painter basing stuff. The flags are from GMB designs. Gotta love those things, eventhough they are quite big for 28mm. At least I can spot my units during the game easily.
Probably should clean up my minis better before rushing them to the photo booth. Quite a few of them seem to have static grass stuck onto them :)

That is a lovely looking battalion Samuli, well done! I've glued my fingers together assembling a couple Victrix battalions in the past so I applaud you for taking the effort to mix and match between the Victrix and Perry boxed sets. The additional work has paid off in providing a wonderful assortment of poses to entertain the eye.

The Royal Scots will give Samuli 165 points. Again, well done!


  1. Excellent painting a great looking unit!

  2. You can tell you put all the extra work in, these look great


  3. Thanks for the comments guys!

    And Curt maybe you should try applying the glue to the minis and not your fingers? :) But I have to admit the Victrix models are sometimes a pain in the arse to put together

  4. Lovely unit Samuli.
    The GMB flags really set them off, great work :)


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