Saturday, February 16, 2013

From PhilH: 28mm Revolutionary Spanish Artillery & Crew (35 points)

From Phil:
Entry seven and a 200 year detour in search of colour. Back to Napoleonics with a gun and crew to support my Spanish regulars. It is actually a French Revolutionary 8pdr, I understand the crew's uniforms are pretty close to those of Spanish gunners. It is from Trent miniatures, who are new to me and a bit of a fail in scaling with my Perry/Victrix. The chaps are giants and while I'm all for characterful miniatures, these are more caricatures - look at those massive hands! Well enough priced but I don't think I'd choose more from their human ranges. 
Off for a weekend's gaming now, including a trial run of Pulp Alley. Suspect I'll be back into painting WWII after that.

Large mitts aside you've done an excellent job on these guys Phil. I've not seem much from Trent so it's great to see some completed examples. If you decide to explore this period further I'd highly recommend looking at Eureka's superb range of Revolutionary period French, Austrians and Russians.

This gun and crew will give Phil 35 points.


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