Saturday, February 16, 2013

From ChrisP: 28mm Modern American Infantry (133 points)

From Chris:

Continuing with my "get as many time periods as possible" plan, here is a force of United States soldiers suitable for the Iraq or Afghanistan conflict. All miniatures are from Eureka. 
Landing first in MH-6 Little birds is a SEAL team, comprised of 6 SEALs, and one canine soldier! SEALs have been using scout dogs famously lately, apparently one was used in the raid that killed Osama. The dogs are equipped with ballistic armour, which is then equipped with Infared and other sensors, to really enhance what nature has blessed the dog with! The rest of the team is made up of 5 shooters with M4s, one with an M249 SAW. The strange attachments to their foreheads are Night Vision Goggles. I have done a representation of Desert Camo Uniform (DCU) on them, which in 28mm terms equates to mismatched splodges of colour. Not a job to do late at night with tired eyes!

Landing next via Blackhawk comes a force of  US Infantry, which could represent Paratroopers, Rangers, Armoured, Infantry or anyone else I so desire! These guys are all done in ACU (Army Combat Uniform) in UCP (Universal Camouflage Pattern). Done the same as the DCU, but with different colours. Still random splodges however! 

First up we have the Squad Leader and JTAC, both essential in modern combat, the Squad Leader for command, the JTAC to ensure communication between the ground to other assets- such as Aircraft.
The real heavy hitters is the three fireteams of Infantry. Each fireteam is made up of four soldiers, one equipped with an M249 SAW, one with a M203 Underslung Grenade Launcher in addition to his M4. The other two are equipped with M4 rifles. Plenty of firepower, especially in the hands of trained marksmen.
But perhaps you need a bit more firepower? Got a lot of enemy you need gone? Then the M240 MG is just what the doctor ordered! This two man team came designed to fit together, so I put them on one big base.
But perhaps there is an enemy strongpoint, which has been resistant to the lighter fire that you can put onto it. That is a job for the SMAW-D team. The army took the successful SMAW and redesignated it, still firing the same HEDP (High Explosive, Dual Purpose) round.

The last of the US Army contingent is a single sniper, armed with the fearsome 50 calibre Barrett Anti-material rifle. Firing a massive round, the Barrett shoots a long way, and has good penetrative power once it gets there. Woe betide anyone on the recieving end... The sniper has got a sweet DCU boonie hat to go with his ACU uniform.
The last figure is not a US Soldier. Rather he is a random freebie that Eureka put in with the last order I did with them. It is just one Somalian red shirt, armed with a cheap copy of an AK and gesturing wildly. Poor guy is a bit outnumbered, I think he needs a few more allies...

I am going to use these guys for the excellent game of Skirmish Sangin (, which was written by a local here. The game has a lot of RPG style elements, but it plays really well, plus at $15 NZD for the pdf of the rules, that works out to being, what $1 when you convert it to real money?
Awesome work Chris! These are such great castings and you've really done a marvellous job on them. That GPMG team at the top of the post is particularly find - very dynamic. 

These 26 figures and the wardog will give Chris 133 points. Again, great work.


  1. Got to love these guys and that poor chap, will he still be around when his mates turn up?


  2. Great entry Chris, think I may have trouble chasing you down now.
    Peace James

  3. Fantastic figures, Chris. I´m also working with some Eureka Miniatures (also received a black fighter, a great detail from Eureka), and I am ALSO reading "Skirmish Sangin" to use with these models. I like the very-small-encounter feel it has.


  4. Brilliant entry Chris. Amazing job on the modern US camo in particular.


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