Wednesday, February 13, 2013

From KaweWZ: 28mm Napoleonic French Dragoon and Sleigh (27 points)

From Kawe:

Here's just another Westfalia-set. :-) 
The miniature has been made from Victrix and I believe Front Rank bits and some Green Stuff.

Looks just like home. :) Lovely work, Kawe. You've done a beautiful job with the snow, especially the partly covered foliage. The horse and sleigh is gorgeous - who is the sculptor?

This dragoon and sleigh vignette will give Kawe 27 points.


  1. Oh I should've mentioned. Niels Rullkoetter aka NR was building it for Westfalias Retreat from Moscow range (which was announced long before the Perry Greens were made public) hehe :--)

    I really should consider writing such bits of information upfront huh?

  2. The snow is fantastic - what product did you use? Really like the partially covered plants.

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  4. Sorry - I had to remove the previous comment because of lots of early morning typos.

    The are from 'Mininatur' I think this particular one is 'late autumn-Spaetherbst Karstbueschel'. I just applied lots of white woodglue to the white base, was then applying the grass, then another layer of glue and threw half a pack of 'Kaisernatron' on it. Not sure what this is in english, but we use it to have things raising while they bake.

  5. Very unusual but very nice indeed, very Christmassy!

  6. This looks great, just shouts of the retreat from Moscow


  7. Now, there's something you don't see every day in wargaming. Very nice work Kawe :)

  8. Very nice vignette. I like a lot the snow effect.


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