Wednesday, February 13, 2013

From IanH: 28mm Ancient Greeks & Pulp WWII Americans (95 points)

From Ian:
I've been rushing to finish these before the weekend as my brother's up for some gaming time and I was keen to ensure I didn't fall behind. The flock is still drying as we speak they're that fresh off the painting table. 
First up I've 7 more Greek Warriors for my Greek Mythical Game 'Aegeus', these have been pretty much finished for weeks but I'd run out of shield transfers and struggled to lay my hands on the right sized ones again as they were out of stock everywhere. Took 4 or 5 emails in the end and a few weeks of waiting. 
Following these are some WW2 Americans to go up against my Weird WW2 Germans, this batch isn't particularly weird to fit in with the historical element of the painting competition  the only weird miniature is the Tesla Cannon bearer. Miniatures are mainly Bolt Action Plastics with the addition of an officer from the AE-WW2 line.

Great stuff Ian. The Greeks look the business and I love the Nick Furyesque Weird WWII officer.

This eclectic group will give Ian 95 points. 


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