Friday, February 1, 2013

From ChristopherS: 28mm ACW 4th Texas (82 points)

From Christopher:
Next up my favorite theme.....ACW!
The 4th Texas regiment was organized in Richmond, Virginia in 1861 from various companies that made the journey from Texas to Virginia. Like the rest of the Hood's Texas Brigade these were elite rock hard fighting men from a brigade that can arguably be called the best in the American Civil War. 
They included some colourful companies like "the Robertson Five Shooters" and "the Lone Star Guards", and "the Mustang Greys" to name a few of the 10.

The figures themselves are from Redoubt which is my favourite ACW figure range in spite of the often arduous amount of clean up needed on some of them. I just really like the look of the figures and the extra touch of silver stars added to the hats of the models which the Texas brigade really did have and so is not a gimmick. I had a great time painting the figures and look forward to doing more.
I painted the figures using mostly Foundry paints and some Vallejo. The flag is from the wonderful GMB. I opted for the battle flag as the state flags usually remained in camp.
Oh btw never bother Texans while they are eating their first hot breakfast in days as the Union found out at Antietam(Sharpsburg)! Talk about stirring up a hornets nest! 
A stonkingly beautiful unit Christopher - really lovely work here. I agree with you regarding Redoubt's line of ACW figures, they do take a bit of work but they often pay dividends in their animation and character (as we can readily see here).

The 4th Texas will give Christopher 82 points.


  1. Fantastic looking unit! Very well done Chris!

  2. Excellent I have some Old Glory figures I have been wondering how to paint them up adequately!

  3. These are great, nice to see the mixed coats and not a sea of just grey


  4. Really like these. And I have to agree... Redoubt are my favourites as well!

  5. Bravo Chris:
    Like you and others here I am a big fan of the Redoubt range. Nice to see them well painted. A particular sweet spot for me is that you've painted the haversacks as the white linen/cloth kind, which is spot on for rebs, vice the tarred black ones that most federals carried.
    An excellent entry!

  6. As I've seen them firsthand yesterday I must say they're even better than in the pics. Great job!


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