Friday, February 1, 2013

From Burkhard: 28mm Napoleonic French Legere Battalion (88 points)

Burkhard sends in some lovely Napoleonic models, or as I like to call it: 'The Beautiful Game'.

From Burkhard:
Here is my next entry... the 2nd battalion of the 37eme Légère for Leipzig. 
17 minis in total, all from Perry. The command minis are metal, the rest are plastic. Not much to say about these, rather that these bring the 37eme to its full strength of 3 battalions, with this the 2nd being the smallest of them all. I have to say, now that I have painted three batalions worth of these, I slightly regret my choice. Being light infantry these would have been rather nice in skirmishing poses, instead of the marching that gets dictated by the Perry plastics. The good thing is, that while these already give me a good strong base for my Légère, I will eventually need more. When that day comes I will get myself some proper action posed minis.

There is one more thing I would like to point out with these. They were based on half bases like I always do with my lights. Now those looking at the details will notice that the order of the company colours is not right or in other words that some minis are on the rear half that should rather be on the front half. The reason behind this is that all three battalions are pretty small. I based them in a way that the 1st and 2nd ones (the smallest can be used together to form a larger one). Hope this will work out when needed.
I have also included a photo of all three battalions together, even though most of them were painted outside this Challenge.
If my math does not fail me, these should bring me to 415 points or in other words just 85 minis short of my target. Now we are not even at the half way mark and I think it defeats the idea of this challenge to be able to reach ones goal without problems ahead of time. I would therefore like to raise my target to 700 points now. Given the fact that I will not have as much time as I did over the festive season and that my Napoleonics usually take longer, this should be a though but reasonable goal.

700 points? You're on Burkhard - bring it! I think its great that you've neared your initial goal but wish to set a new target. That's what the Challenge is all about!

Back to the submission. This stuff really trips my trigger - brilliant job on the command stand in particular. I also really like the look of those bases with the curved corners, they give the figures a kind of bespoke 'playing piece' feel about them. 

This battalion will give Burkhard 88 points, including a little extra for the colours and the work on the drummer boy. 

You have a new target now Burkhard, so get back to work!


  1. Great work Burkhard. I particularly like the muddy trousers and boots - very "campaign" :)

  2. I really liked the muddy trousers as well. Very nice work.

    i have been thinking about raising my target as well as I am well on track.


  3. Nice work Burkhard, great looking terrain by the way. And always good to see someone rising to the challenge.


  4. Lovely stuff Mr.B. Always a treat to see Naps done as well as these. Ditto on liking the middy trousers. On to your next challenge, sir!

  5. Thank you all!

    @Curt: I like the rounded corners, since I feel they make everything look a little more classy! Oh, and you still need to change my target on the table. ;-)

    @Phyllion, Tamsim, Ian & Micheal: Thanks... just regret, that I did not do this with my minis for WWII and Modern as well!

    @Ian: Just do it... for me this really served to renew my resolve.

    @John: Thanks... we are actually in the middle of a game, so I just used that set-up as a backdrop. Unfortunately I had to take the photos at a side of the table where the lighting is not the best... therefore the shabby pictures.


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