Saturday, January 12, 2013

From TimG: 20mm WWII Trucks (24 points)

From Tim:

More 20mm Sovs now. The Katyusha on Studebaker chassis is a Russian plastic kit. It was a truly horrible thing to build. I wish I could remember the maker so I could warn you against it! The launcher rails are the best bits but even they needed a deal of straightening so they'd fit and then bracing with steel wire. The cab? Let's not go there. If the outsize red star distracts the viewer from the model's shortcomings that's no bad thing!

The ammo carrier is a good old Airfix Opel - now under new management!
It's too bad that the kit was such a bear to assemble but you did a great job and it looks very good!

These two trucks will give Tim 24 points.


  1. I have a soft spot for the Blitz, well you did a good job on these,


  2. Two very nice models. Your description of putting the Katty together reminded me of a Ukranian-manufactured /72nd scale Soviet Zil truck I build some years back. Horrific. Caveat emptor seems to be the watchword with eastern european models.

  3. Tim

    Nice trucks. The rough and ready Katty wagon looks beat up enough, and yes a big red star distracts one's eyes from flaws in the kit.



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