Saturday, January 12, 2013

From GregB: 28mm Modern Soviets in MOPP Gear (20 points)

Greg, having just recovered from his Primer Rage, sends in this this group of 28mm Soviet infantry in chemical suits.

From Greg:
A small submission today as I clear the baffles of some more long-pending modern bits.  These are 28mm Soviets in MOPP gear from Eureka with special weapons - two RPGs, one PK MG and one dude with a flamethrower.  These Soviet MOPP dudes are a favourite collection of mine, and we know them informally as the "Chemical Commies".  A soldier wearing MOPP gear is a particularly terrifying sight in my view, and the Soviet MOPP outfit looks spookiest of all. It was the release of these figures several years ago that sparked our bonkers entry into modern 28mm gaming, a period of collection escalation still unmatched in recent times of the Fawcett Avenue Conscripts. I think Dallas and I originally thought it would be fun if we got a squad of MOPP guys to fight some Zombies - before we knew it I had the better part of a motor rifle company on the table, with Dallas matching me by fielding the Bundeswehr!
On the Fawcett gaming tables the Chemical Commies have repeatedly fought NATO troops in diverse western Europe locales, as well Zombies, insurgents and other ne'er do wells.  They have even served as mercenaries in the pay of Big Pharma during Dallas' "World War Z" games. These special weapons will give my Chemical Commies a nice firepower boost. 

There was an extra challenge that came with these in the form of bad primer.  About a year ago I had problems with Krylon. Well, I was out of primer, and I thought "well, it's been a year, so what could be wrong? Let's give it a chance."  Wrong decision - terrible, flaky texture finish.  I scraped off what I could, and went and purchased my usual Chaos Black spray paint to cover the figures.  Overall, it's OK, but the flamethrower guy in particular is still pretty rough. Some Sudan-era British cavalry was not so lucky - two models ruined beyond recovery.  So fuck you Krylon, and the horse you rode in on. 
On to some British Sudan cavalry that survived the Krylon, and then to 28mm Napolenic Austrians...
So it is written so shall it be done. Considering the volume of supplies Greg goes through in a typical year this might well mean a drop of a few points in Krylons trade volume.

Theses four spooky Russians will give Greg 20 points. Nice job!


  1. Spooky is the word, great job despite the primer monster


  2. There is a certain something to them - very nice

  3. Great painting Greg, love the colours you used.


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