Tuesday, January 15, 2013

From Seb: 15mm Thirty Years War Infantry 'The Beautiful Loesers' (48 points)

From Seb:
My sixth entry is still about the Thirty Years War. But this time, it's not a French regiment, but a Saxon one. The flags, which I downloaded from Grisby Wargame Society, and resized, are meant to represent the Loeser infantry regiment. 
Sadly, the regiment became imperialist when Saxony switched sides (but not Bernard of Saxe-Weimar), so technically, it's incorrect. But then it's hard enough to find proper flags. Anyway, what you have here is a full 19 minis regiment from Old Glory, and a regimental gun plus two crews from Museum. 
I painted these guys in red for two reasons: first, since the veterans fought alongside the Swedes, they might have taken the habit of wearing uniforms, And second, i want to be able to field them as commanded shot for my Parlementarian army in our FOG-R competition.

'Beautiful Loesers'. Ged it? Ged it? ...Tough crowd, tough crowd... Seriously, this a beautiful unit Seb. I really like the addition of the regimental gun (something that should be more common in many regiments of this and the later horse and musket period).

The Loesers will give 48 points including a few for the great banners. 


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