Wednesday, January 2, 2013

From PhilH: 28mm Pulp Adventurers & Three Horses (25 points)

From Phil:
Its the final day of my Christmas leave and I've finished up my second small Challenge entry. I'm working without a specific deadline to target at the moment, so as often is the case I've reverted to Pulp odds and sods. 
First up, them man known as 'Herr Doktor' whose real name may be Doctor Graumann. A sharply dressed gentleman, perhaps a travelling Doctor from Austria as he claims, or perhaps an officer of the Abwehr. Another fine Artizan sculpt, I am pleased with the result of the very grey colour scheme with a flash of salmon pink and attempt at a pinstripe suit. 

Also, another mini for Pulp, this time a West Wind French partisan. He will be fairly generic gang muscle. 

And finally, a quick job on three riderless horses.  The last, still unfinished adventure, the Prof escaped on a stolen mount, though I had forgotten to bring, or paint (!) the horses for that session.

These are some I had spare from the Perry ACW Cavalry set that was the basis for my mounted Guerilleros. They can liven up the board or serve as objectives (or an escape route!). 
All of these were actually in the box in last year's challenge but I didn't get around to them. Better late than never, eh?

These were just biding their time for the right moment to reveal themselves. I always like seeing your Pulp stuff, Phil! Herr Doktor is particularly fine with his pinstripe suit. Excellent work.

These five miniatures will give Phil 25 point to add to his tally.


  1. I really like that Dr. and I think you did a great job on the pinstripe.


  2. Herr Docktor is suitably scary - top job

  3. Nice work, I thought the Dr looked suspiciously like Herr Flick of the Gestapo!

    1. I suspect that is intended in the sculpt - check their Thrilling Tales range for the rest of the cast!


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