Thursday, January 17, 2013

From Nicolas: 28mm Russian Folk Hero Alyosha Popovich (10 points)

From Nicolas:
So here is the second of the Bogatyrs, Alyosha Popovich, an other charismatic russian folk hero who fought for the Tsar of Kiev. As for Iliya Mouromets, Alyosha is taken from the the painting by Viktor Vasnetsov. Again the figure is from Plastic Miniatures company, and the design is just top notch.
There is not so much to say about Alyosha than there was for Ilya, mainly because, I believe Ilya Mouromets slowly agglomerate the deeds of other around his rather archetypal person. Alyosha, as his name indicates was the son of Leonce the Pope. He was so strong when he was young, that when he played with other kids, he would often dismembered them by snatching an arm or a leg. 
So, when he became a grown up, he decided to enter the service of Prince Vladimir of Kiev. His strong arm proved soon useful against Tugarin Zmeyevich a dragon, or simply an infidel son of the tribe or the dragon (or the snake), who came at court, insulted the Prince and claimed his crown. Alyosha eventually kill the so cold dragon during a duel in the meadow right neer Kiev, during which God would help him to prevail, by getting wet Tugarin's wings of paper. Well, I don't really understand what the paper wings symbolise (maybe a weaker faith), but Alyosha surely did a great job by kicking this nasty vilain out of Kiev.
For that my friend Alyosha you have definitely deserved your seat next to Ilya and an extra effort to paint your shield. I kind of think it looks a little too overdone now, compare to Ilya's, but hell! I like it! Hope you enjoy it too! Next will be the last of the three Bogatyrs: Dobryna Nikititich... Now don't think I paint that slow. Painting those three horsemen separately actually allow me to "buy" time for something bigger to come.

Obviously as a child Alyosha was a bane to his daycare workers and had a hard time making friends (or at least friends that kept their arms and legs).

Great model Nicolas! I quite like how you did the shield and his spiffing green boots, though I do wonder about the rather heroic tails on these horses...

Mr. Popovich will give Nicolas 10 points.


  1. An excellent figure and an excellent paintjob!

  2. Cool figure Nico! Love the shield.

  3. That is fantastic - I love the figures pose and the beautiful shield!

  4. love the work on the horse skin, great figure
    Peace James

  5. Great work again, love the shield. Tu es le maître de boucliers.

  6. Adding to what has been already said, a great looking mini, the horse flesh is my favorite part though the shield is close behind



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