Thursday, January 17, 2013

From KevH: 28mm Wars of the Roses & 54mm English Civil War (366 points)

Kev sends in two units in two scales from two English civil wars...

From Kev:
First up are more WotR. Oxford's bills retinue with command.  28mm Perry plastics. I decided to go with the Star Livery for the billmen. I will probably go with the blue boar for the Archer unit and maybe both with Oxford himself. 24 figures in total (4 ranks of 6 figures).

Followed by 54mm Heavy cavalry unit for the English Civil War. Another addition to my small collection. Their are 12 mounted figures in typical Cuirassier armour. The Armour is dark with only a metalic glint. 

All figures are plastic and by "A Call to Arms". The only modified figure is the rider with the cornet. He is from the ironsides set, but I think fits in well with the unit. 
Time to work on some infantry now, I think (Musketeers).

Excellent work Kev. I really like the dark armour effect you've achieved with both of these units - very nice. 

These lads with their attendent banners will give Kev 366 points and placing him within the top three. Well done!


  1. Good stuff Kev loving the 54mm ECW
    Peace James

  2. The ECW are nice but the WotR seals the deal for me. Great stuff


  3. Lovely work on both units. I might be doing some Perry plastics myself for the Challenge - the European Mercenaries set.


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