Thursday, January 3, 2013

From IanW: 6mm Napoleonic French Artillery & 28mm Sniper Markers (61 points)

From Ian:
Here we have my Secret Santa that my wife ran for my blog. I received 8 standard guns and 4 howitzers with crew and 4 limbers, all Baccus 6mm. Very happy with my present and quickly added o my paint table. I enjoyed painting them and still have a warm glow from the whole event. A must for next Christmas. Included are two of the spare wheels, one for base furniture in the future the other to replace one I lost just the other day!!

Next up is a couple of the Black Tree 28mm WWII figures, only one of them counts as the other was painted before the challenge but not based. These are a set for a friend, both bases done this week. Been A LOT of fun doing these. 

The bricks are made from a Linka mould that is supposed to be stone but work rather well as none uniform bricks in 28mm. The bases are casualty counters from warbases as are the broken window frames.
Great work Ian and a very nice Secret Santa present indeed! That's an impressive battery park and I really like how you've done mini-dioramas for your sniper markers. Very creative.

This group will give Ian 61 points to add to his tally.


  1. great work on all, love the snipers
    Peace James

  2. 6mm is really nice to see "en masse". Well done

  3. Love the Snipers, Great work.
    I have a real love for 6mm and these look lovely.
    Mmmmmmmm. I need more 6mm Artillery.

  4. Always liked the massed look on well painted 6mm, great snipers too

  5. Love em - great details on the snipers!


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