Thursday, January 3, 2013

From ChrisP: 28mm Thirty Years War Spanish Artillery (30 points)

From Chris:
Moving has been tiresome, but we have finished all the boxes, and I have been allowed back onto the painting desk, which has been very exciting! Plenty of things on the go right now, mainly me trying to paint those random projects that I have found during the move.
This update is pretty small, just the one model. But it is really the first of quite a few Thirty Years War Spanish from me, there are plenty more in the production line!
It is a Warlord Games Saker Cannon, based up ready to go for either Impetvs Baroque or for Pike and Shotte, whichever the locals decide is more fun...
I am going to use a whole lot of red in my Spanish force, which is somewhat historical, but will likely make them look a bit more uniform and regimented than they should! 
Very nice work Chris. I like the autumnal feel to the base. 

This saker and crew will give Chris 30 points.


  1. Love the Montero, perfect for the Spnish (since they invented it). very nice looking figures and lookin forward to some more.


  2. Very nice, love the basing and the leaves.

  3. I really like this - a nice little scene.