Thursday, January 3, 2013

From ChrisP: 28mm Thirty Years War Spanish Artillery (30 points)

From Chris:
Moving has been tiresome, but we have finished all the boxes, and I have been allowed back onto the painting desk, which has been very exciting! Plenty of things on the go right now, mainly me trying to paint those random projects that I have found during the move.
This update is pretty small, just the one model. But it is really the first of quite a few Thirty Years War Spanish from me, there are plenty more in the production line!
It is a Warlord Games Saker Cannon, based up ready to go for either Impetvs Baroque or for Pike and Shotte, whichever the locals decide is more fun...
I am going to use a whole lot of red in my Spanish force, which is somewhat historical, but will likely make them look a bit more uniform and regimented than they should! 
Very nice work Chris. I like the autumnal feel to the base. 

This saker and crew will give Chris 30 points.


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