Wednesday, January 23, 2013

From FranL: 28mm ACW Union Ambulance, Casualties, Horse Holders & Citizens (265 points)

A few hours ago we had Tweedle Dee, now we have Tweedle Dum...

From Fran:
Some more painting shenanigans. The pictures were a mixed bag (Ray took them!).
Perry Miniatures Field Ambulance.
Perry Miniatures ACW Union Cavalry Horse Holders (8 horses/2 riders)
Dixon Miniatures Dead, Dying and Wounded plus journalist/ early paparazzi! 
Foundry Miniatures Townsfolk.

Perry Miniatures ACW Union Field Forge (Should have placed the leaning figure as part of the base!!!).
Black Flag Miniatures Townsfolk.

Continuing with my Old West but adding citizenry for the town of 'Angry' plus more Union forces especially scenery related little dioramas (eye candy for the games), still have more citizens and Union to do and then on to the Confederate forces.

These look brilliant Fran! I particularly like that ambulance and the horse-holders.

This group of Yanks and civilians will give Fran a very impressive 265 points (with a bit extra added for the camera, coffin, etc.). Well done!

Hmm, now that I think of it, I now know the perfect set of shirts (and suspenders) I need to get for Fran and Ray:


  1. Ahh, rats! He's leaped even further ahead of me. I can't catch him with the batches I'm doing right now. Grrr!

    @ Ray - you aren't nobbling him enough!

    Lovely figures Fran! :)

  2. LOL!!! I'll have to be the prettier one on the left!
    How many people here on the Challenge have to take photos for their pal, because he's an idiot,!

    1. LOL- you could always miss a few out out of shot...

    2. LoL! You must admit a perfect caption by Curt!


  3. Terrific work, Fran! With all those gunfighters hangining around Angry, I think that ambulance better hang around, I think it will be needed.
    Of the civvies, I especially like the chap in the brown suit with the satchel and glasses, he's awesome.

  4. Very nicely done Fran! I've been meaning to do the ambulance myself.


  5. good stuff Fran looks like Angry will be a busy town
    Peace James

  6. Great batch of figures, the Town of Angry is going to be buzzing



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