Wednesday, January 23, 2013

From DaveD: WWII Soviet Sturmoviks, Chuckwagons & Ronin #8 (68 points)

From DaveD:
This lad has finally completed his tour of the postal system of Europe.. so here he is. hope you like him - I do!
Once more its another Zenit Miniatures - beautiful sculpt to work with - I needed the strong reading glasses for this lad.

Of course once you do some things , other people want some - a friend saw the planes I did recently and "begged" me to completed his 15mm Sturmoviks by Flames of War...  the payback will be in the pub on Friday...

Then the other couple of waggons by 4Ground  for my Old West - I decided to leave this waggon uncovered to save Mrs D's handkerchief collection!

Awesome work Dave. I hope you're going to get more than a few pints in on Friday for those Sturmies. Nonetheless, Ronin #8 is my favourite here. He's brilliant! I love the flash of red and white with his otherwise muted armour. Thanks so much!

This selection of models will give Dave 68 points.


  1. good stuff loving the Ronin his armour is top notch
    Peace James

  2. Just love those planes Dave!!!! Nice work!!

  3. These are great, the Ronin looks top draw. I think a pack of pork scratchings are also in order on Friday


  4. Really good stuff all around. The Samurai is very fine


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