Sunday, January 13, 2013

From FranL: 28mm ACW Infantry, Dismounted Cavalry, Officers and Camp Scene (375 points)

Perry Miniatures ACW 28th Massachusetts Regiment, 4th Irish Brigade

I was curious when we'd hear from The Angry Lurker and lo and behold here he is with his first volley - and a crashing one it is!

From Fran:
Finally got around to some painting....
A mixture of plastic and metal ACW union figures from the Perry miniatures boys. Not happy with the plastic stuff (the detail is a little iffy but the metal stuff is okay with a few exceptions). Still got some more to do including cavalry, ambulance wagons, more casualties, wagons, forges and figures. More for scenery than anything else but then I'm weird and there's Confederates to do as well!
Perry Miniatures Union Casualties
Massachusetts 28th Regiment
Perry Miniatures Camp Set and followers

9pdr artillery piece with crew from Perry Miniatures with a Dixon limber
Dismounted Perry Cavalry

Mounted Union Officers 

This is a cracking first entry Fran! Beautiful work here - that camp set is brilliant.

This batch of Bluebellies will give Fran a very impressive 375 points, which will bump Ray from the top 10 standings. Oh my, well played Old Boy, well played indeed (golf clap).


  1. Lovely work Fran and well done on bouncing Ray out of the top 10!! :)

  2. You did a bang up job with these figures Fran, some of your best work here.

  3. I've been nobbling Ray at work but the fecker is painting at home as well!

  4. No nobbling my end you fecker! I'll be back!!

  5. Great that's all we need, these two going at it, they are bound to fight their way to the top!

    Excellent work, got to love the camp set


  6. wow you been holding back on us.
    Peace James

  7. A fantastic work, Fran. Very nice models!


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