Sunday, January 13, 2013

From DaveD: 15mm Luftwaffe & Soviet Aircraft (270 points)

Dave sends in this veritable aerial götterdämmerung, making me have to resort the points roster once again, damn his eyes...

From Dave:

So this time something a little different from me. I have just completed the Red Airforce & the Luftwaffe in 15mm Command Decision miniatures for my friend Gerry. 
Gerry has megalomania and very large gaming table of over 400 square feet (yep that right you can see his madness here) which means he needs lots of kit to fill it and shoot at things with .  

So here we have early Red Airforce - 23 planes and the Luftwaffe - 22 planes.

Made a change to have the airbrush out, but oh dealing with all those waterslide transfers, glad thats out of the way !
So how is your aircraft recognition out there lads?!
WTF! Wow! That is an amazing amount of work Dave and they look fabulous. I really like those ME109s and the Focke Wulfs.

These 45(!) aircraft will give Dave a hefty 270 points. This will propel him into the top 10 and will in-turn bump Fran from the lead group. Ooh, the tragedy! The drama! The suspence!  I  can only pace and bite my fingernails awaiting the next entry...


  1. That is some seriously nice work. That table IS massive, I painted some ADC's for Gerry but had no details to send them on to, so thanks for the link


    1. Ian - drop me a contact I will give you Gerry's email

  2. That's a very impressive output Dave and well deserves bumping Fran out of the top 10.

  3. very impressive, love the mass effect of all those planes.
    Peace James

  4. Tremendous, Dave really has some great toys to paint!

  5. All those aircraft! So darn cool. Each one flawlessly painted. 270 well earned points.

  6. Amazing, amazing. A complete Air Force here!

  7. Very, very impressive work Dave!!!! Love 'em!!

  8. Thanks guys - I enjoyed doing them in the end!


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