Tuesday, January 1, 2013

From ChristopherS: 28mm Successor Pikemen (120 points)

Like Brer Rabbit meeting the Tar Baby Christopher has been stuck with this unit since the Challenge started. Nonetheless he is finally free of them so we can now admire his efforts and he can get on to his next project.

From Christopher:
I've finally finished my first unit for the competition! I didn't think it would take so long, but somebody should have smacked me with a reality stick before I started! These gentlemen took me the better part of my vacation to do which doesn't help when trying to rack up some points! Anyways enough of my moaning and on to the unit.
The figures are from Aventine which I personally believe are hands down among the best you can buy for this period. The shields are from the wonderful LBM and the bases are from Warbases. The unit is based for Impetus which in addition to the game I like both the look of the bases and that they give good protection to the figures as you primarily handle the base and not the figures. Also, I can use the units for Hail Caesar which is another game I quite like.

I saw in the new Successor osprey book they showed guard infantry pike in purple helms and I quite liked it  and so decided I would use that as the theme to the unit. The armour is fuchsia which is a mix of pink and purple and so goes with the helm and shield I think. I kept feathers and such all white to give a nice contrast to the purple. Except for the clothes I kept them uniform in appearance as I feel it gives them a more elite feel. I should also add the front rankers are deliberately more elaborate as they had the best gear in every formation.

Beautiful work, Christopher! I love that hedge of pikes. You can't argue with a wargames unit that can actually draw blood on the table. :) I also really like the eggplant-purple of their uniforms and I agree that the uniformity gives them a more elite bearing.

These twenty-four pikemen will give Christopher 120 points.


  1. These guys look excellent. Those ike look the business, realy looking forward to seeing what you follow up with


  2. Superb unit - the effort was worth it.

  3. Great looking unit well worth all the effort you have put in to them.
    Peace James

  4. Excellent! Well worth the efford needed.

  5. Really excellent - splendid painting, first class execution, a true elite.


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