Tuesday, January 1, 2013

From AndrewS: 28mm Napoleonic French - Marshal Berthier's Neuchatel Battalion 'The Canaries' (180 points)

Andrew presents us with another great chestnut from the Napoleonic era. Berthier's Neuchatel battalion, also known as 'The Canaries'.

From Andrew:
Something other than Vikings from my brushes. This is the start of my return to 28mm Napoleonic gaming. This time round I get to paint units that I really want to paint free from the restrictions of what was needed for other games or demonstrations.
I have completed 36 Perry plastic miniatures and painted these as the Swiss Neuchatel battalion circa 1812 in campaign dress. Unfortunately as usual GMB's legendary crap customer service has let me down and I'm waiting on the flag.

These have been fully shaded and highlighted and getting the yellow right was an effort, with 5 shades being used although that hasn't come out too well in the pictures. I am particularly pleased with the back packs and have managed to get everyone looking different. These Napoleonic's take twice as much work to paint as my usual fair but worth the time.

Excellent work Andrew! I really like the yellow you came up with for their jackets. I also like the mottled brown and white cowhide packs - a nice touch and frequently ignored.

These 36 Swiss will give Andrew 180 points, placing him in second place in the points standings. Great work!


  1. wow so much yellow I know how hard that colour can be. You have done a fantastic job on these.
    Peace James

  2. Brilliant unit, that yellow is lovely.

  3. WOW just WOW, these are terrific. You can see the work you put into them.


  4. Beautiful work. Lots of effort but so worthwhile.


  5. Beautiful! The detail on the backpacks is also well done.

  6. These are all kinds of awesome mate. I did several shades of yellow on some ECW figs recently so I know how much effort it required. The backpacks are also great as has been said before. This shows how a campaign uniform can be really something special!


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