Wednesday, March 21, 2012

From RayR: 15mm Russian Artillery (432 points)

Remember what I said about Ray and 'sandbagging' - well he should have his face under the description in the dictionary...

What we have here is 24 batteries of Russian guns for the Russo-Japanese War. Amazing!

There are 12 Old Glory guns and crews and 12 from Irregular Miniatures - all 15mm.

This veritable artillery park will give Ray 432 points, which in turn will give him a grand total of 4940! Right under the wire, you sneaky git. Congratulations Ray!


  1. I went to bed with this too close to call. Wife is now wondering why I'm laughing at a picture of... Guns.

    Awesome job, guys. I bow to you both, and, for that matter, everyone else. I'm inspired to get better.

  2. I salute you Ray. You're now officially a 'sneaky bugger'! LoL.

    Nice work as always.

  3. After you through us off the scent with he last entry. Bravo Ray, well played.

    Underhand, devious, well played.


  4. I had a gut feeling that this is what would happen well done I also salute you great job with the mountain of figures you painted a good win on your part

  5. Wow.. impressive but seriously.. where are you hiding all these models? And does Ray ever sleep???


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