Wednesday, March 21, 2012

From Curt: The Last Post - 2nd Annual Analogue Hobbies Winter Painting Challenge

Well everyone, we've done it! After three months of mad building, painting and basing the Challenge has finally reached its conclusion. And boy, am I knackered! I took the day off today knowing I'd be deluged with entries, and I was very, very busy with 20 submissions rolling in right until the last minute (yes, you Ray!).

Below is the list of participants and their final scores for the 2nd Annual Analogue Hobbies Winter Painting Challenge:

RayR: 4940 
KentG: 4724
TimB: 3385
FranL: 2152 
SteveM: 2044
ChrisP: 2029
DaveD: 1975
MilesR: 1061
GregB: 1019
JohnM: 1000
IanW: 900 
MikeW: 867
Curt: 791
Scott: 695
PhilH: 519
JuanM: 446
ChristopherS: 442
DallasE: 420
Michael: 315
JohnB: 310
RossM: 269
TimmyD: 138
Sylvain: 90
PaulP: 34

As I stated from the beginning I've always envisioned the Challenge not to be a competition where painting is judged, but rather an event where people of all abilities can challenge themselves to 'get stuff done' and more so to enjoy the energy, good will and camaraderie of other like-minded souls.  

In regards to the success of the Challenge, the 24 participants submitted 273 entries from all their corners of the world. As a merry band, we generated just over 30,000 points, which if roughly equated to 5 points per figure, equates to well over 6000 miniatures painted and based. That is freakin' incredible.

It was an amazing event with all of the guys being gracious, supportive and such good sports. It was also a great experience for me and I'm delighted to have made many new friends over the past few months. So to all you guys I lift my glass - you made my winter very entertaining and enjoyable!

So, before my blog returns to its sleepy corner of the blogosphere I thought it apropos to close the Challenge with a rear-guard entry of my own. I'm afraid its negligible in comparison to the titans at the top of the point standings, but nonetheless I humbly present a battalion of Portuguese infantry accompanied by a lone French unit/casualty marker to add to my others

Thats 145 points for me... ;)

So, until we meet next winter I wish you all the best of health, happiness and an unerring brush.

Warm regards,


PS: Be sure to check back in the coming weeks as we conduct the Judges Choice, People's Choice and Sarah's Choice. I'll also be posting shots of all the lovely Vikings that I coerced the Challengers to paint for me as 'Curtgeld'. Oh the suspense, the bright lights, the glamour!


  1. Who me???
    Great looking figures for the last post Curt!!
    And I think everyone who entered would join me in saying thanks very much, its been a great Challenge and a hell of a lot of fun!!!!!

  2. Congratulations to Sneaky Ray on the last second victory. And a big congratulations to Curt on an bloody excellent competition! Its been brilliant watching these painting behemoths battle it out.

  3. I agree with Ray, thank you very much, the excersise of painting figures is a fairly soletery experiance. This challange really removed this. I have do doubt I increased my production and whilst I really enjoy painting the fun level was sure increased.

    Well Done to Curt for running such a good contest and well done to Ray for winning. Hell well done everyone for being such fun contestents and great painters.


  4. Nice one Curt,it was a bloody good challenge and a lot of fun helping Ray win!

  5. Lovely miniatures for your last post Curt. Glad you got them finished in time, even of it took a day off to do it while keeping up with the last minute entries.

    Many thanks once again for conducting the Challenge and throwing the invite wide to painters across the world. It was a pleasure and an honour to take part and I know I shifted a pile of lead off my mountain. So much in fact that I'm looking forward to Salute as a chance to build the mountain up again!

    It was a fitting end - who knew a paiting competition could match [insert sports competition of choice] for excitement in the final stretch. Congratulations to Ray on his sandbagging, commiserations to Kent and my appreciation to all fellow Challengers, there was a lot of fan-bloody-tastic work submitted over the past three months so I salute you. I know the cameraderie that Curt mentions helped keep me going at times, much appreciated for all being thoroughly nice blokes. Bravo!

  6. Well done Ray - dodgy man.

    Curt - thanks for creating and hosting it's been great to participate in and look at all the creativity show by everyone. Most inspiring.

    Guys have a great rest of the year - keep thise brushes moving.


  7. Curt:
    Fabulous job running the challenge. I had a great time participating and trying to keep up with the banter. As Ian said, sometimes painting can be a bit solitary and this challenge certainly fixed that!

    I look forward to next years challenge. Shall we set a goal of 50,000 points or 10,000 figure equivalents painted! By then my son I should have our robotic painting machine perfected....


  8. What a lot of fun my cupboard looks like it is in need of a few shiny metal figures, you've run a great comp Curt and im glad i had a chance to be a part of it, some amazing painting guys i will be checking out your blogs,

  9. This has been an excellent watch. Great comp and congrats to Ray.

  10. From a chilly night in Tekapo, thank you very much for a great competition!

    Some great looking Napoleonics there, and you did exceptionally well managing all of us larrakins!

    As to my other competitors, a well run race, you are truly gentlemen scholars, except those of you who aren't- you know who you are....

    Now to spend time with my long suffering better half!

  11. Congrats to everyone who participated.. no small feat seeing everything that was completed.. lots of talent there now to follow and keep track of.. would ask if anyone has anything left to paint next year, but we all know the answer to that now don't we? :)

  12. Congratulations Ray on a well deserved win you low down, underhanded sneaky SOB. Seriously though, Ray just one fantastic show of determination to inspire and same to you Kent for setting the standards of points to achieve.
    Wonderful job to everyone else and I've really enjoyed watching folks enter their projects which really helped to keep on at the painting desk.
    Most of all a huge thanks to Curt for bringing as all together and allowing us to part of something original in this hobby we love. Excellent job!! Very nice work on the last entry btw.;-)
    Really looking forward to your next one and count me in!


  13. Great job on those Portuguese, Curt. I will kook forward to some more photos. Many thanks also for a great contest.

    I did know who won this contest until I awoke this morning, but as I was not surprised it was Ray, as he is as you know MAD!!

  14. Good show Ray!
    Curt, thanks for running this - clearly a labour of love and great fun to watch. Your last entry was quite juicy.
    Looking forward to seeing all the Vikings.

  15. That's one heck of a load of work for you Curt. Well done for keeping on top of it.

  16. Thanks for putting on the challenge. It was very fun to take part in.

    I thought I would end up with less figs to paint after three months but bartertown, ebay, and the FLGS messed up that plan as I found a load things I want to paint.

    Next year I'll schedule my vacation around it. :)


  17. Well done everyone. Some absolutely fabulous entries from an incredible variety of scales/periods/genres.

    Thanks to Curt for running the challenge!

    And we now must live in fear of the Rayonian terror...

  18. Thank you very much, Curt, for this experience; it has no price for me. Your viking is now travelling to Vinland.

    And congratulations to the astute Ray. A great painting job.

  19. A miserably 128 points! Real life got in the way. My unbased but painted 20mm germans are looking sad. Congratulations to the winners and all others. I've really enjoyed all the eye candy!

  20. Cheers guys! I would be lying if I said the Challenge didn't take a bit of work but that was completely outweighed by the pleasure of running it and getting to know all of the lads.

    Thanks again to you all for participating and making it such a fun time. You're a great bunch!

    For those above the equator enjoy the spring and for those below have a great autumn!



  21. As a non-participant it has been great fun watching the entries come in and the standard of painting that these guys have produced.

    Well done to Ray and all the others that took part and many congrats to Curt for putting the idea together and supervising it.

    And can I do it next year? :-)

  22. Great last entry Curt and thanks again for all of your sterling efforts in making this possible.

    Congratulations to all who took part, thanks for the fun and the drive to get some painting done.

    Well done Ray for showing us how to steam in at the end and Kent for leading the way.


  23. Curt, thanks for a very entertaining contest, and I really love your final entries!


  24. Well done Curt, its been great fun, and I'm sure we all appreciate the amount of work you have had to put in, managing this and posting all the entries here.

    And of course congrats to all who took part. Its been fun!

  25. You've put up a supershow Curt. Thanks for managing this and giving us so much fun and cool entries. Still can't believe the amount of painted figs some of the top contenders produced. Great stuff and a superb last entry.

  26. Thanks for the kind words guys - it was a pleasure to run.

    @ kingsleypark: If I can get up the energy to do another one then absolutely! Right now I'm feeling a little tapped but the batteries will recharge...


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