Saturday, March 17, 2012

From GregB: 15mm WWII Soviet Armour (60 points)

Greg sends in a great set of Soviet WWII tanks to add to his growing collection of 15mm armour.

From Greg:
'Here are five models (plus four additional turrets) of 15mm T-34 tanks.  These are from a box of Plastic Soldier Company, my first experience with these products.  You get enough parts for five tanks in one box, plus enough turrets to do them as either T-34/76s or T-34/85s.  You also get extra bits for commanders and some stowage.  It's great value.' 

'The downsides are the assembly of the tracks - a little tricky - and the soft detail on the plastic.  But overall, still a great value. Also, I suspect these are smaller than the Battlefront "15mm" scale models - so I'm not sure if they will mix.' 

'I did five of the tanks as Russian, with extra turrets so they can "late war" with the switch of a turret. The fifth tank I did up as a T-34/76 captured by the Germans.' 

Very nice work on these, Greg! These five T-34s with their variant turrets will give Greg 60 points, putting him within sight of the 1K mark. Great stuff!


  1. Great work Greg, love the way you've painted these!

  2. The paiting job is very good, Greg. Very nice.

  3. A nice collection of kit - good job