Sunday, February 26, 2012

From RossM: Hector's Chariot, Waffen SS & Trenches (58 points)

Ross sends in a great mix of figures for the Challenge. Fist up is a beautiful Trojan chariot depicting the hero Hector, rolling out with his posse at Troy. 

This chariot vignette is composed of figures from Redoubt Miniatures' 28mm range of models which were specifically created to depict the siege of Troy. 

 Again, Ross does a superb job on the cow hide shields of the chariot runners.

I was thinking this would be a great 'Warlord stand' for Chris' adaptation of SAGA to the wars of ancient Greece.

Next up is a Waffen SS infantry gun and crew.

These are 20mm castings from SHQ.

I'm curious about the camo smocks on the crew - they seem almost mauve in colour - was this a historical variant or an anomaly with the image?

I've always like the somewhat lanky sculpts of the SHQ figures.

Last is a set of five trench sections from Iron Clad miniatures. As they are strictly terrain they will not score for the Challenge, but I wanted to post them as Ross did such a great job on them.

I quite like the detail on the duck boards...

This group will give Ross 58 points to add to his tally. Well done!


  1. I so read the title did have me wondering. SS Chariots...
    love the chariot great work

  2. I used Foundry Quagmire as the base for the smocks; it is a sort of browny grey but now you come to mention it there is a hint of mauve too.

    Ah well, these may be sun bleached camo smocks :)



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