Sunday, February 26, 2012

From PhilH: Tribesmen, Panel Truck & Nazis (58 points)

I'm feeling irrepressibly lazy today so I'll let Phil describe his own stuff:

First off, four Indian peasant farmers/herders for (you guessed it) Pulp gaming. They are from the Perry plastic Ansar box, made up of the less obviously African bits, I think I can get away with using them as peasants from the Indian subcontinent or indeed Africa. They have minor conversions to de-weapon them, one got a greenstuff hoe, two pointy bamboo sticks and one walking stick for the elderly gentleman (who seems to be setting quite a pace regardless!) The two with pointed sticks may one day herd an elephant, once I fork out for one.

Next up, a Talbot 1927 van. A repaint of a Matchbox 'Models of Yesteryear' diecast. Really nice range of models, perfect size and pretty cheap to buy. I would love to put a transfer on the big blank side panel but don't have anything suitable at the moment. 'British Archaelogical Society' perhaps? My freehand skills won't stretch to that, but I did give it a numberplate. 

Thirdly, what is Pulp without Nazis? Another part of my brothers birthday gift. The four on the right are Artizan. The others I'm not sure, Perhaps Bolt Action? They seem to be sentries, one checking papers and the other having crafty cig. Sculpts aren't the same quality as the Artizan. All are painted as early war (I hope!), to get into a more Pulpy timeframe. Didn't enjoy painting these, not my best work and not sure the colours are right. But they are ok and will do a job as mooks for the officers I entered last time.

They look great, Phil! These guys (and the truck) will give you 58 points. 


  1. Disaster! (ish)

    Went to varnish the latter two last night and not sure what I did wrong but the varnish went misty. I was very peeved.

    I think I've managed to save the Germans with a second coat of varnish and a little a black wash to darken the recesses again. The van less so, it still looks like I've left it out for a few years and it has gone dusty...

  2. That is a complete bitch! Sorry to hear that. What brand of varnish did you use? Was the air temperature cold? Sometimes this can affect the spray.

    I know Greg had a similar problem with primer. Perhaps it was just a bad can...

  3. Greg's post on his problem:

  4. Cheers Curt.

    I've declared the Nazis fixed, though they do look a bit over-matt now. thankfully I realised something was up when there was just a light dusting on them. The van will need a partial repaint - it is very noticeable on the black sections. The peasants were varnished in another batch a few nights ago so escaped, small mercy there.

    I think it was too cold out as I sprayed one side then forgot about them until it was quite late. Also I didn't shake the can enough when I went to do the second side. So two lessons well and truly learned there!


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