Saturday, February 11, 2012

From RayR: 15mm French & Indian Wars Limbers, Caissons, Wagons and Guns (678 points)

Ray sends in this very large and impressive assortment of caissons, limbers, wagons and artillery for his French and Indian Wars collection.

The 15mm wagons, carts and caissons are from Hallmark.

Ray is missing three guns from this British artillery group. He's wondering if Fran is somehow behind them having gone AWOL...

Here is the French artillery with their distinctive red-painted limbers and guns.

All the 15mm limbers and horses are from Essex whereas the guns are a mixture of Essex, Frei Corps and QFR.

There is no doubt about it, this was a HUGE submission from Ray. There are 86 horses, 46 limbers, wagons and caissons and 24 guns. All tallied this give him 678 points! EEP! Wow, excellent work, Ray! This firmly places Ray in second place - well done!


  1. Very nice work Ray and what a massive points grab!!!!Well done!!


  2. Good points score there Ray. Great painting too.

  3. Go Ray huge points grab nice work

  4. If I'd been involved there would have been more than 3 missing......

  5. Now that's a big grab, suprised you did not loose points having used the wrong shade of red on those guns though.

    Just kidding ya ;-)


  6. Excellent stuff Ray - now that is a logistics train alright

  7. 678 points, Ray. This is impressive. And all of them are very nice models.

    Best regards.

  8. Wow, that's a whole lot of artillery. Good stuff!


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