Friday, February 10, 2012

From DaveD: 28mm Napoleonic French Mamelukes (175 points)

Dave sends in this brilliant unit of French Mamelukes that have benefited from his exhaustive and painstaking conversions.

From Dave:

'These are 28 mm Bicorne Miniatures - a little know gem of a figure. The horses are by Bicorne, Connoisseur and Firing Line. Another of my full OTT converted units. check out the IMG1223 B4 image against 1229 , of the rearing horse and guy with a pistol in hand and sword hanging from his wrist.  Before and After the soldering iron the dremel & the brush!

Each rider is unique with arm and head repositions with soldering and twisting. Each set has reins added into the riders hand. The banner on the trumpeter is from brass sheet soldered on . The standard is made from milliput and solder. In addition these guys had extra detailing o the horses as they had tassels added from the chest straps of the horses - these again are created with the soldering iron. All together it took me 3 full days just to convert the castings before any painting. - Phew...' 

'Phew' is right! These are beautiful, Dave! 

These Mamelukes will give Dave a base of 100 points, but like his last heavily converted unit I am awarding 75 extra points for the extra effort he's put into them. Well done Dave!


  1. That's a lot of work i popped by Dave's blog and saw how much work was going into these guys, man the end product is wonderful and they are well worth the extra points. Well done.

  2. Wonderful work and lots of effort resulting in a special unit!


  3. These are great looking, I love their character.


  4. A wonderful unit, with a lot of work in it. Very nice, Dave.


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