Sunday, February 19, 2012

From KentG: 28mm Cowboys, U.S. Infantry and German Infantryman (185 points)

Kent sends in a varied mix of entries starting first with a group of twenty Cowboys.

These are 28mm Dixon castings which are always very identifiable by their characteristic heads.

I really like the dapper fellow in the green waistcoat sporting a cigar.

Next is a group of sixteen American WWII infantrymen with a very isolated German soldier in greatcoat. All of these 28mm castings are from Foundry.

These thirty-seven models will give Kent 185 points. Great work Kent - its nice to see some Dixon stuff again.


  1. Dixon, great and venerable models.
    Very nice work with them, Kent.

  2. Love Dixon cowboys and am (slowly) painting up the OK Corral set - great stuff...

  3. Love the ol Dixons ,nicely done


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