Sunday, February 19, 2012

From DaveD: 28mm 'Man with no Name', Legionnaires, Zulus & Napoleonic French Legere Battalion (170 points)

Dave shows us a wonderfully eclectic mix of models to feast our eyes on. First is a beautifully sculpted 'Man with no Name'. 

This 28mm casting is from Ebob Miniatures. I gotta get one of these.

Dave really did a fabulous job on the poncho and the blue jeans. I also like the cold blue eyes of 'The Stranger' - well done!

Next is a group of four French Foreign Legionnaires in desert uniforms.

These are 28mm castings from Artizan Miniatures.

Here we have the recently released set from Warlord/Empress Miniatures depicting the characters from 'Zulu'. 

You just gotta love 'Hooky' - and Dave did a brilliant job on all four of them.

Finally Dave shows us a Napoleonic French battalion, the 1st of the 26e Regiment de Legere.

These are 28mm Elite Miniatures castings.

This group will add 170 points to Dave's tally. Great work!


  1. Wonderful work, Dave. I like a lot the desert unifor of the legionaires and that of the british soldiers. Very nice.

  2. A great mix of figures, but you just gotta love Clint!!!

  3. awesome work your painting has a really nice stile to it all the figures just look briliant

  4. Dave's a talented painter. He really justice to those RD figures.

  5. Awesome stuff


  6. They are all wonderful. Great painting.

  7. Thanks guys - I have really enjoyed the variety of the recent work - I think it shows. cheers Dave

  8. Another entry. That "Man With No Name" looks GREAT.

  9. That previous comment was supposed to read: "Another awesome entry. That Man With No Name looks GREAT."

    And I have no idea why it listed me an anonymous....

    I hate computers.


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