Tuesday, February 7, 2012

From IanW: 6mm Napoleonic French Hussars (36 points)

Ian sends in these wee lads from the 6th and 7th French Hussars.

Ian did a great job on capturing the effect of the lace.
These are 6mm Baccus figures. As much as I love the grandeur of 28mm Napoleonics I have a soft spot for these smaller scales as you can really capture the mass of the formations without them taking over an entire section of a playing surface.

These two groups of cavalrymen will give Ian 36 points. Nice work!


  1. good old 6mm madness you've got to love them. well done

  2. Yes - brings to mind Curt's mind-boggling 6mm collection. I love how 6mm really conveys the mass of the troops.

  3. Ah 6mm madness - don't ya love it, great stuff

  4. It is incredible how well you have painted these MINIS. Very nice.


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