Tuesday, February 7, 2012

From FranL: 15mm Riot Police, Arms Dealers and Reporters (143 points)

Today's 'history' is reflected here in Fran's most recent submission. Here we have riot police with two support vehicles, snipers, vehicle crews, a pair of arms dealers (apparently for both sides of the conflict) and a batch of reporters to make sure it all shows up in HD while we're comfortably eating our dinners.

Both the 'Bulldog' Anti-Mine vehicles and the foot figures are from Peter Pig's 15mm ranges.

And on the left we have that famous 'mouth-breather' (as my wife likes to call him) Nicholas Cage selling his wares.
What's a modern war zone without a swarm of TV flunkies?

A group of IDF sniper teams.

This group of 41 figures and 2 vehicles will give Fran 143 points. Great work on some unique subject matter AND Fran, you now have passed Ray in the points standing. 

Now, this is going to get ugly (in a deliciously fun way). :)


  1. Thanks Curt, the vehicles are from Peter Pig, my mistake....

  2. Noted and changed, thanks Mr. Angry!

  3. Another large and nice entry. We sure have lots of variance


  4. Great fun idea. I continue to be amazed at the variety of minis being produced.

  5. Who makes the journalists? I love it!

    Am also enjoying the smack talk...

  6. Haven't seen these figures before they look really cool great job

  7. Very nice Fran; your project is very interesting and fun.


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