Tuesday, January 3, 2012

From TimB: 28mm Greek Hoplites (125 points)

Tim changes gears from his WWI project and sends in a fabulous set of Greek hoplites.

This first group are 28mm from Crusader Miniatures, based for DBA.

Next are some individually based hoplites for skirmish gaming. These castings are also 28mm but from the Black Tree Design range.

As I'm sure you noticed, ALL of the shields are handpainted by Tim - amazing stuff! Let me tell you, with the amount of carping and moaning he made about painting these chaps I'm not sure if he'll be wanting to do too many more...

This group of 21 will net Tim a base of 105 points, but I'm going to give him an extra 20 points for the extra effort on the shields. So 125 total. Great work Tim!


  1. Thanks.

    Yeah these were fun enough to do... but I'm going to take a break from them and get back to some Great War stuff. When I tire of the drab greys and khaki I'll crank out another colourful stand of hoplites from time to time. Doing the whole army at once would drive me cRaZy!?

  2. absolutely fabulous the shield look amazing i love your style of painting, man there's a lot of hard work gone into these lads

  3. The shields are stunning, excellent top notch painting Sir!!!

  4. Free hand painting skills are fantastic, I can not even paint a circle!

  5. Nice and great job on the shields!


  6. Hand painted? You are a GREAT artist, Tim, and the models are very, very nice.

    Best regards.

  7. Very nice indeed. The effort going into these figures and the others on the blog is shaming me. Must redouble my efforts and get on the score board!



  8. great work, love the smilly, I did one years ago on my 15mm Hops, it just has to be done. I've just finished handpainting my shields but not a patch on yours!!!



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