Tuesday, January 3, 2012

From JohnM: Napoleonic Prussian Artillery (135 points)

John sends in this beautiful submission of Napoleonic late-period Prussian Artillery.

These castings are from the excellent 28mm Calpe miniature range. 

This first group (with the howitzer and shoulder rolls) depict the 3rd Silesian Heavy Foot Battery.

The second battery, below, is the 11th Silesian Horse Battery. One of the stands predates the Challenge.

 Both were part of the Prussian IV Corps under von Dennewitz that saw action at Waterloo.

A mounted artillery officer overseeing the chaos.

I really like the ammunition caisson in the background as well and I must say a really nice photo composition.

This group of five artillery bases along with the commander will give John a tidy 135 points. Great work John!


  1. Very nice painting, well worth the 135 points!!!

  2. Great work, and great inspiration to keep slogging away at my stuff.

    Those Calpe miniatures are really, really nice.

  3. They are special, very nice indeed. Well I have been painting shields half the day (why don't I use transfers!!!) should have them finished and based before the weekend.

  4. Calpe are just fantantadtic aren't they?

    Loving the Prussian battery, very very nice.

  5. That is very nice painting. Well done John.

  6. Lovely stuff, nice painting and groundwork. That's a mighty fine set of guns!

  7. Very, very nice. Calpe models are great and your painting job have made them justice. Wonderful, John.

  8. Really like them! Prussians are my favorite army. Very inspiring.

  9. Superb!!! Outstanding figures and painting.


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