Saturday, January 21, 2012

From RossM: 28mm Mycenaean Slingers (30 points)

Ross sends in these excellent Mycenaean slingers which are new additions to his Ancients collection.

These are 28mm castings from Redoubt Miniatures. 

Ross has done some really nice groundwork with these lads.

Ross tells me he quite likes the models but says the faces can be a little dodgy at times. I think he did a great job with the shading and highlighting of the flesh tones (not much for lace, cuffs and turnbacks here!).

These six will give Ross 30 points for the Challenge. Next from Ross will be archers and light infantry so stay tuned for those. 

Well done, Ross its great to have you aboard for The Challenge!


  1. I really need to finish some miniatures! Lots on the paintingtable but nothing finished!

  2. I think mnay of us have the same problem.
    These models are very, very nice, Ross.

  3. Nice work; I have a lot of Redoubt figs too; agree about their faces, but you get used to them :)! Dean

  4. Scarey guys. nicely done. I will stick to the piping rather than try buttocks!

  5. I like them! Very good painted!



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