Saturday, January 21, 2012

From FranL: 20mm WWII Soviets Infantry (128 points)

Fran sends in his 3rd Soviet infantry platoon of thirty-two figures.  

This great batch are from the 20mm Plastic Soldier Company.  

I'm really taking to this PSC stuff as they seem to have a lot of varied poses and interesting animation.

As I mentioned in one of his previous entries I quite like how Fran's inking worked with the olive uniforms.

This group will give Fran 128 points. Very nice and well done! You're climbing up the ladder and Ray is in sight!


  1. In my sights my arse!!!
    Nice one Fran!

  2. Fran, you are approaching Ray quickly with your Soviet hordes. Very nice models.

    No problem, I need only 800+ points to catch you...

  3. It's not about winning Ray, it's about taking part....


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