Thursday, January 5, 2012

From PaulP: 18mm Napoleonic Saxon Command Stand (24 points)

Paul sends in this beautiful command stand of two mounted Napoleonic Saxon officers in 1812 era uniforms.

These are both 15mm AB castings (18mm to some). The figure on the left was originally an Austrian command figure. As you can read below, Paul has done impressive conversions on them both:

'I started by adding the saddle detail to the General as well as reshaping its rear. I gave him epaulettes and repositioned his hat to the later style (this was pinned into place). I then turned it into a French pattern bicorne while adding the Saxon style of national cockade and pin. The ADC was given an aiguillette made of wire and the ADC armband on the right side and rear.'

Amazing stuff...

These two give Paul a base of 12 points but I'm going to award him the same again for these finely done conversions. Well done Paul!


  1. Stunning stuff - amazing conversion work, and beautiful paint jobs. I can't even manage to fill an air hole with green stuff - seeing it used to convert an 18mm figure with such detail is massively impressive.

  2. Beautiful work Paul , well done. Oh i do like to see converstion work being done to make true bespoke stands.

  3. Beautiful conversion work and a beautiful apintjob to match!

  4. Very nice work Paul. Love the paint work.

  5. gorgeous work such fine smooth detail you've just got to love it.
    Kent G

  6. Thanks for all the positive comments guys, Really appreciate them. Especially seeing what you all can do with yer brush and tools (won't be able to get my head through the door ;0).

    That's me working pretty much solid now for almost the next 2 weeks so that will probably be my total for the month (very poor showing I know). I'm sure to be strolling in last in the comp but not to worry it's the taking part that counts.

    Curt cheers for the double points, saves my blushes a bit and I hope nobody minds.


  7. Wonderful work, Paul, you are a GREAT Artist... and with 15/18mm models! Very, very nice.

    And about the points and the speed of work, don´t worry. I have been in the tail for these two weeks but it is not bad, the fun you found in all this Challenge (and the discovery of so many artists)is the real price.

    Best regards.


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