Thursday, January 5, 2012

From KentG: 15mm Marder & 28mm Roman Archers (84 points)

Kent pushes along with his convincing lead and sends in this mixed group of entries. The first is a unit of twelve Roman Western archers.

These are 28mm Wargames Foundry castings. Again, very nice basework.

Next is three Marder IIs in late-war dot-pattern 'ambush' camouflage. 

These are 15mm Battlefront models.

This lot will add 84 points to Kent's impressive total. He now has broken the 1000 point threshold! Great work!


  1. There's no catching him now!!!! How the hell can he paint so quick???

  2. He's been cloned - there loads of Kents down there, all working shifts...

  3. Is he chained to that painting table...

    Now personally i say those romans aint finished! where are the arrows? huh!

  4. We need a Grand Alliance against him!!!! Many, many models painted and, all of them, of a great quality. He is the Louis XIV of our times.

    Very nice job with tha camouflage, is wonderful.

    Best regards.


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