Monday, January 23, 2012

From IanW: Macedonian Command & Casualties (74 points)

Ian sends in this group of nine Macedonian command figures plus thirteen casualties.

From Ian:

'Finally got these photographed but not before the cats got at them!!!! The Command figures was part of 400+ figures a friend gave me just before Christmas when he found out I was unable to work through illness and painting is one of my few activities. As such these are really a Seleucid Command but work well enough. I think they are Essex and must have been bought 25+ years ago. I have never been a fan of rider and horse being separate and one of the bases highlight why. I was carless with the glueing and it looks odd. So I have a figure to re-position and a lance to repair, joy of joys. Overall I did not have as much fun painting these as the previous figures though they painted up fairly quickly.'

'As for the dead I just can't remember the supplier, shame as I want some more and a mate collected them for me at Reading. These will pull double duty for Impetus (the numbers on the base are for their Strength and hitting power, whilst in Field of Glory the counter itself represents a mix of disorder and lost troops. I have 13 of these as shown and need twice as many at least so will get some more next con.'

These two groups will give Ian 74 points. Great work, Ian! Hopefully you can keep the next batch away from the cats. They must Persians (har, har, har)...


  1. Very nice! I like the casualty figures!!

  2. A really great, great job with them, Ian. Very nice.

    Ray, I think you are a bit obsessed with the casualty figures...

  3. Great bunch of painted figures. I also like the casualty figures, but I don't see a cat amongst them. Your next entry for this competition? How many points would that give Curt?
    PS: just joking! I have a cat of myself and couldn't miss her. She likes playing with the little bods to, but I don't blame her for that. I should have placed them on a safe place ;-)



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