Monday, January 23, 2012

From Curt: 28mm Napoleonic French Dragoons, 18e Regiment de Dragons (240 points)

I've been plugging away at this regiment of French Dragoons since the beginning of the Challenge.

These are 28mm Perry plastics which I very much enjoy working with and highly recommend. At first it may seem a little daunting putting them all together, but once you get the process and a rhythm they assemble pretty quickly.

Their flash pink facings aside, 18th Regiment of Dragoons were very much a meat-and-potatoes 'working' cavalry regiment. In the early Empire period they participated in many of the major engagements (Austerlitz, Jena, Friedland) and then from 1808 to 1813 they saw hard service in the Peninsular campaigns.  They missed the Grande Armee's destruction in Russia, but were recalled to Germany where they were burned-out during the 1813 and 1814 campaigns for France.

This is the first time I've tried doing eyes on an entire unit...

I love painting Napoleonic cavalry but I find its the trumpeters that often make me 'snap my crayons'. Nonetheless, as French cavalry go, Dragoon trumpeters are pretty plain as they usually did not go overboard on reverse facing colours, gold braid, etc. but the ubiquitous chequered lace is always a challenge. Later this year I plan to do-up a Hussar regiment and I'm girding my loins for painting its trumpeter as those buggers' uniforms are insane.

While I was in the midst of assembling this lot I knew I would be running out of gas on painting Dragoon Green once these were done. So I broke down and commissioned my third regiment from a painting service. I hope to have that unit ready soon, touch them up ('cause I can't help myself) and base them to match this lot. Then I'll have a full brigade of the blighters, 72-figures strong, which should look the business arrayed on the tabletop.

Again, here's that loon Ney, leading the 18e and 1er regiments to Glory and some sticky end...

This unit will give me 240 points for the Challenge. Yep, if I did another ten like this I'd really be making Kent sweat...

Next up will be an assortment of casualty/unit stands, Norman archers and Anglo-Saxons.


  1. Mate, seriously outstanding work. Very well done to you Sir.

  2. they certainly do look the business. Very nice.


  3. 240 points!!!
    You have put out of my reach. What an awesome work, Curt, so many models of FRENCH NAPOLEONIC CAVALRY. Very, very nice.

  4. Just stunning, fantastic work there. You deserve more than the points you gave yourself for sure

  5. Dang, just after I'd caught you up you go and double your tally in one go.

    Those look fantastic, but the thought of painting so many cavalry makes me nervous. Worth it in the end though - great stuff!

  6. Excellent dragoons Curt. Wonderful painting.

  7. those are amazing you have done a brilliant job, i have about 12 of these undercoated but haven't got around to them.

  8. Well those just turned out fantastic now didn't they! Great job Curt!


  9. Excellent stuff Curt.. a man sized unit of cavalry!

  10. Very impressive, Curt! There's an awful lot of work in 24 dragoons... especially painting from scratch.

    By Waterloo, there were only 2 regts to a brigade, and 4 to a Division. Race you to the full Division? ;-)

    Cheers, Simon

  11. Fabulous stuff dude! Can't wait to see them on the weekend...

  12. Very nice work Boss!! Don't forget when you paint up the casualty figs they're only half points!! he he!

  13. Thanks for the kind words, guys!

    @loadmaster666: Welcome to the blog and thanks very much for your comment - much appreciated!

    @Simon: A division?! I think you have a little more of a head start on me with your impressive collection, but you never know, I might try to get four regiments done.

    @Ray: Oh, I'm sure you'll remind me if I try to squeak something past...



  14. Superb Curt, Really stunning!!!
    1 for the glass cabinet!!!

  15. Simply awesome. Now award yourself some bonus points! More than deserved.

  16. These are excellent painted figures of my favorite period. And that little bit of history about the regiment I like. Thanks for sharing!



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