Wednesday, January 4, 2012

From GregB: 15mm German Panzer MkIII (8 points)

Greg has been mulling around with the idea of collecting some 15mm WWII and so here we have a test model of a German panzer mkIII. He's been playing with paint combinations and this is his version of 'dunkelgelb' (mid-war yellow). I don't have my Ralph Lauren 'Panzers-in-Spring' paint chips handy but I think Greg's got a good representation happening here.

This is a Battlefront 15mm casting. Has anyone tried out the 'Forged in Battle' range of models? I'm curious to how they compare.

Before it clanks off to its doom in the endless steppes of Russia this panzer will add  8 points to Greg's total.


  1. Nice little Panzer - I hope he progress with this project. Personally I have found the Sprays from BF give a good and quickly applied dunkelgelb! Well recommended.
    As for Forged in Battle - I had considered them but I found several unappealing web reviews where they didnt match up in very well in scale with BF stuff... Whilst the PSC stuff does match up well. Plus Maelstrom are back to stocking FoW again this year so I dont think there is now much point in trying the FIB range... just my 2 cents worth...

  2. Looks a very well painted tank, nice colour!

  3. Very nice painting job, Greg. And it is not one of those "monsters" we always see on the tables.


  4. Thanks guys.

    @Scott - I have some of the same concerns re: FIB. Also, they appear to cast bases on to their vehicles. I don't have an issue with bases for vehicles neccessarily, but it's a bit frustrating when they are cast on (probably a reflection of my neurosis as opposed to a real issue with FIB).

    @Juan - I have to admit that I am one for painting the "big cats" too, but I am keen to do a Kursk project in 15mm where the German Armour is primarily Mark IIIs and Mark IVs...


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