Wednesday, January 4, 2012

From ChrisP: 28mm Napoleonic British (110 points)

Here are some additional reinforcements from Chris, these depicting the South Lincolnshire (69th) battalion which he will use for  the 'Lasalle' set of Napoleonic rules.

These are all 28mm Perry models; plastic rankers with metal command.

These casualty figures are Perry as well. Chris' (and my) favourite is the duo above which either depicts a faithful soldier dragging his wounded officer from harms way, or he's simply pulling him out of the local pub and rolling him for his pocketwatch. Below we see a Rifleman, an Inniskilling and a poor chap from the 33rd Regiment all taking the 'dirt nap'. (As you can probably tell, I'm not feeling too 'romantic' today - being the first day back to the ludus...)

...and finally, a poor lonely skirmisher, out in front of the lines, facing the French on his own. Fine paintwork here, Chris!

This group will get Chris 110 points! Well done!


  1. Really nice regiment and LaSalle is the rule set I plan using when I start Naps.


  2. The skirmisher is very fine (and the rest of the unit, of course) but he is so lonely...

    Great work, Chris.

  3. Help I'm sinking!!! Nice Nap's things are looking great with some very fine work


  4. really nice work Chris i know one day we will get a game in and see how these lads fight.

  5. Well Kent, have 1 unit to go and then they are a finished army, so once I have done that I will go for a drive down!

    My favorite is still hands down the drunken officer!

    I am just stoked to be back getting points, just a casual 500 points behind!!


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